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Sawtooth Software Ssi Web Download

Data accumulate, export, and analysis perform faster, noticeably so with large data sets. This bug was introduced in 8.4.0. This bug was introduced in version 7.0.0 and has been fixed. Ranking questions counted against the CiW license size always using the size of the list (or parent list) used in the question, even if only a sub-set of those options were required of the respondent to rank. We hope this new functionality makes SSI Web even more useful than before, allowing users to use the software in more traditional interviewing environments. Single *.csv exports had incorrect random task numbering.

Normally, moving levels of an attribute will cause information found in rows in conditional relationship tables to follow the movement of the associated level. This bug was introduced in version 7.0.0 and has been fixed. The following bug fixes have been made to ACA in SSI Web:With certain settings, SSI Web could crash when changing ACA study parameters. If this occurs, during data collection the total price for the BYO could be saved incorrectly in the data file. Utility estimation will be incorrect if there are decimals in the imported task responses and the analysis is done on a computer with regional settings specifying a decimal place other than '.' (period).

The Custom Handle Start Position in Semantic Differential quesitons did not work correctly. This has been fixed. Don't Know/Refused code in Numeric Questions - A Don't Know/Refused code is now allowed in Numeric questions. In the Data Management dialog's View/Edit tab, only two decimal places of precision were shown (with rounding). Additionally, using constructed attribute lists would also sometimes cause an error to be shown during analysis that a key was missing in the data file. Users had to write skip logic (or JavaScripting) to verify that respondents did not check a "none of the above" option together with any other options in the list. Placing custom SSI Script or Unverified Perl in Error Messages would sometimes cause the error messages to not work correctly and prevent the survey page from being submitted. The following bug fixes have been made in ACBC: ACBC/HB restart functionality was not working.

While authoring a study, the width and height of the of an "Other Specify" list member would not load the correct values. "Other" respondent numbering variables would not work. SSI Web 8.3.10 (6 Jan 2015) The following bug fixes have been made in SSI Web in general:Backing up over a question that had been answered and then skipped over would cause error 308. Paper-and-Pencil Data Collection. The designer goes much further to increase the orthogonality of the experiments at the individual-level. The new behavior is to show and save up to 16 decimal places of precision. Questions named the same name as certain JavaScript keywords (such as "constructor") would cause JavaScript to fail. In the Numeric and Open End question HTML there were multiple "id" attributes with the same name. ea41d647aa
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